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One of the most enjoyable seasons to have a spotless landscape is summer. Idling under the shade or simply enjoying an evening breeze in the comfort of your garden is deeply satisfying. But some satisfaction is better than others, especially so if your garden doesn’t look the best it can. Perhaps a bit of negligence on your part has left your landscape looking rather uncared for. Here’s some tips that will help you get your landscape in top shape.


Look after your lawn

One of the most prominent and noticeable features of a good landscape is a great looking lawn. There’s no way around it, so buckle up and give your lawn a careful mowing. If it’s been a while since your last mow you might be tempted to cut it short. While you might think that the lower you cut the less often you have to mow, that is not the case. Grass produces most of its food on the tip of the blades so cutting away too much can harm the organism. Fertilize and water and you’ll have the green lush lawn your landscape deserves.

Trim and Prune

A good landscape always must seem tidy and organized. Nothing must look bushy and out of control. So sharpen the pruning shears and begin by getting rid of all branches that extend further than they need to. Also get rid of diseased and dead branches, always taking care and proper measures. If some branches seem too difficult to tackle, consider hiring someone who can help you with it. Henderson landscaping  will safely and quickly restore order to your landscape. When done with all the shrubs and branches you’ll see your garden breathe new air and seem tidy and spacious.

Patios and Decks

If nothing else, you’ll want to enjoy the view and relaxation from an organized and clean place. So take the hose and wash all the dirt, debris and remains from there. Then look for defects or any repairing that is in order. Consider replacing or fixing anything that you can muster with your tools and skills. Decks in particular require constant attention and maintenance. If it’s been too long without care, chances are a refinishing and painting is in order.

Outdoor lightning

Lightning is one of those details that really does wonders after the sun has gone for the day. It gives the whole place a magical and fairy-tale like look that you wouldn’t want to miss. Look at the big picture of your landscape and place lights where you think it’ll make the most impact and use.


Although these tips work best in the summer, they can be applied year-round and will always make your garden stand out from the rest. Do not rob yourself of the pleasure and satisfaction of a clean, tidy and well-ordered landscape. A great landscape will make a favorable impression on your guests, too. And even if at times it can seem daunting and like too much work, the results are always worth it.

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Gen X or Millennials?


If you are not a millennial, chances are you complain about them. They have a notorious reputation for being entitled, lazy, and self righteous just like my buddy who owns window tinting las vegas. They are the generous that gets everything handed to them included a trophy for losing. This concept is extremely frustrating and obtuse for generation x’ers and even more so for the baby boomers. The millennial generation has other generations in awe. In awe of their flippant attitudes, their “outside the box” way of thinking, and their love and knack for technology.


It may seem like I am bashing on the newest up and comers, but it is precisely the opposite. This generation is changing the world we live in. Millennials are advanced in their way of thinking and their inventive use of technology. One of the ideas millennials are massively interested in is that of entrepreneurship. They are bringing the American dream to life at younger ages than America is used to. Generation X believes you have to work hard and “put in your time” in order to be successful. X’ers think nothing comes easy and good things come to those who wait. Millennials could care less about any of these ideas. They believe they deserve, they deserve a trophy if they lose, an A if they didn’t do the homework, and they believe they can do whatever they want. With the last one, they may be onto something.


Many of the top entrepreneurs of the last 5 years are under the age of 30. Forbes came out with a list that showed they excelled in areas of fashion, technology, and finance. These young people are willing to put themselves out there on reality TV, social media, and acting in movies from the time they were children. They have used things like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to become seen and noticed by their peers. They are the trending force in the next “it” thing for social media. They left Facebook behind to join Instagram and Twitter, and then they left those behind for the wonderful world of Snapchat. It is no wonder they adore the social media that lets your picture disappear within 10 seconds. They are a generation who is never held accountable so this is no surprise they choose a social platform that the evidence disappears in a matter of second.
As much as we complain about this up and coming generation, they are making a difference. They are creating products and ideas that every age of the world is using and enjoying. Before we write them off as being the worst generation yet, remember each generation before them was the worst the world had seen. Humans fear change but change is imminent and occurs every second of every day. Change is just change, it doesn’t have to be good or bad, it just is.


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Hey Hey

My favoriet video of all time. Please check this bad boy out so we can discuss it later on in this blog. We really appreciate you stopping by and becoming a part of our creed!! Rock ON!!!




Some of the best times in our lives have come from racing other people for cash money baby!! We love and hope that you do too!!



I think these go carts are so badass that I just had to share the video. My family used to make these kind of go karts when I was a kid.

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