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Gen X or Millennials?


If you are not a millennial, chances are you complain about them. They have a notorious reputation for being entitled, lazy, and self-righteous just like my buddy who owns window tinting las vegas. They are generous that gets everything handed to them included a trophy for losing. This concept is extremely frustrating and obtuse for generation Xers and even more so for the baby boomers. The millennial generation has other generations in awe. In awe of their flippant attitudes, their “outside the box” way of thinking, and their love and knack for technology.


It may seem like I am bashing on the newest up and comers, but it is precisely the opposite. This generation is changing the world we live in. Millennials are advanced in their way of thinking and their inventive use of technology. One of the ideas millennials are massively interested in is that of entrepreneurship. They are bringing the American dream to life at younger ages than America is used to. Generation X believes you have to work hard and “put in your time” in order to be successful. X’ers think nothing comes easy and good things come to those who wait. Millennials could care less about any of these ideas. They believe they deserve, they deserve a trophy if they lose, an A if they didn’t do the homework, and they believe they can do whatever they want. With the last one, they may be onto something.


Many of the top entrepreneurs of the last 5 years are under the age of 30. Forbes came out with a list that showed they excelled in areas of fashion, technology, and finance. These young people are willing to put themselves out there on reality TV, social media, and acting in movies from the time they were children. They have used things like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to become seen and noticed by their peers. They are the trending force in the next “it” thing for social media. They left Facebook behind to join Instagram and Twitter, and then they left those behind for the wonderful world of Snapchat. It is no wonder they adore the social media that lets your picture disappear within 10 seconds. They are a generation who is never held accountable so this is no surprise they choose a social platform that the evidence disappears in a matter of second.
As much as we complain about this up and coming generation, they are making a difference. They are creating products and ideas that every age of the world is using and enjoying. Before we write them off as being the worst generation yet, remember each generation before them was the worst the world had seen. Humans fear change but change is imminent and occurs every second of every day. Change is just change, it doesn’t have to be good or bad, it just is.